Friedrich Ludwig Beckschebe

As far as we know, Friedrich Ludwig Beckschebe is the founding father of all Beckschebe branches in the Netherlands. He was born on Wednesday April 20, 1859 in Nordel (Lower Saxony, Germany), the second son of Johann Heinrich Beckschebe and Sophie Wilhelmine Klostermann. Like their son, they were also born in Nordel. Currently Nordel is a district of the village of Diepenau in the municipality of Uchte, located in the Lower Saxon province of Nienburg / Weser. The baptism of Friedrich Ludwig Beckschebe took place on Sunday May 22, 1859 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in neighboring Lavelsloh.

To the Netherlands

At a certain moment Friedrich Ludwig left for the Netherlands. It is very likely that the future for Friedrich Ludwig in Nordel had little to offer and that is why he moved to the Netherlands. It is not known exactly when he came to the Netherlands, but it must have been almost after his 20th birthday. He did not have to serve with the National Militia, because he was not a resident of the Netherlands until he was 20 years old. It is possible that archive research (in Schiedam) can provide further information about this.

In 1893, when Friedrich Ludwig was 34 years old, he married Karoline Luise Dammeier in Schiedam. Karoline Luise was only 20 years old at the time. It is striking that Karoline Luise, like her husband, is from Nordel. The marriage was given written consent by the father and mother of Friedrich Ludwig and the mother of Karoline Luise (Karoline Dorothee, born Buchholz).


At the time of his marriage to Karoline Luise, Friedrich Ludwig was a 'burner' by occupation. Up to the beginning of the 20th century, Being a burner was a common occupation in Schiedam. The occupation was inextricably linked to the gin industry in Schiedam. As a burner, life was not easy. The days were long and the work was physically demanding.
Friedrich Ludwig carried on the occupation of burner until 1898/1899. Friedrich Ludwig states that he is a shopkeeper when he reports the birth of his son Johan Heinrich in 1900. He is also mentioned in the address books of 1901 and 1904 as a shopkeeper in groceries in 13 Polderstraat in Schiedam.

Residential addresses

Between 1897 and 1904, the following residential addresses of Friedrich Ludwig and Karoline Luise are known:

  • Address book of Schiedam 1897, occupation brandersknecht, Spoorstraat 20
  • Address book of Schiedam 1901, occupation shopkeeper in groceries, Polderstraat 13
  • Address book of Schiedam 1904, occupation shopkeeper in groceries, Polderstraat 13

At the birth of his daughter Cornelia and the death of his son Johan Heinrich in April 1904, Friedrich Ludwig again indicates that he is a burner. While in the death certificate of the same daughter Cornelia a few months later (August 1904) again "shopkeeper" is mentioned as a occupation.


Friedrich Ludwig and Karoline Luise have eleven children together. The first child, a daughter, was born in 1894 and the last child a son in 1916.

  1. Daughter Sophia Wilhelmina, born July 1, 1894 in Schiedam and date of death unknown
  2. Son August Dietrich, born June 8, 1896 in Schiedam and date of death unknown
  3. Daughter Karoline Dorothee, born June 5, 1898 in Schiedam and died in Schiedam on April 20, 1945 (age 46)
  4. Son Johan Heinrich, born April 8, 1900 in Schiedam and died in Schiedam on April 20, 1904 (4 years)
  5. Daughter Sophie Luise, born June 12, 1901 in Schiedam and died in Schiedam on September 20, 1901 (3 months)
  6. Daughter Sophie Luise, born September 22, 1902 in Schiedam and died in Schiedam on February 28, 1903 (5 months)
  7. Daughter Cornelia, born April 19, 1904 in Schiedam and died in Schiedam on August 15, 1904 (3 months)
  8. Daughter Cornelia, born August 23, 1905 in Rotterdam and date of death unknown
  9. Daughter Sophie Luise, born February 24, 1909 in Rotterdam and date of death
  10. Son Johan Heinrich, born December 15, 1911 in Rotterdam and died in Rotterdam on January 5, 1981 (age 69)
  11. Son

From Schiedam to Rotterdam

As can be seen in the summary of the children above, the family moved from Schiedam to Rotterdam between August 1904 and August 1905. According to the family card of Friedrich Ludwig, he and his family were registered in Rotterdam on January 6, 1905, address Anna Paulownastraat 28 and by profession "fuel dealer". Friedrich Ludwig can also be found at this address in the General Address Book of the Municipality of Rotterdam for the year 1905, "water boiler" is mentioned as a occupation.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, a lot of water boilers were found in Rotterdam. At that time it was by no means self-evident that hot water came from the tap. For warm / hot water, the bucket was brought to the water boiler with a bucket or wooden vessel.
It seems that Friedrich Ludwig was a water boiler for only a very short time, because when his daughter Cornelia was born on August 23, 1905, it is stated that he is a "loose workman". In addition, the family has also moved and now lives on the Goudscherijweg. Incidentally, it seems that the family has moved again in the meantime, because the family card also mentions Commanderijstraat 18 as the home address of the family between Anna Paulownastraat 28 and Goudschrijweg 236-3.